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Creating a space you love. That’s what it truly comes down to.

At JW, our Interior Design team at Interiors by JW have one goal in mind…to ensure that at the end of your remodeling process, when all the dust has settled, you love your new space.

The process our designers work through may be a little different than most, it starts the minute they meet with you in your home. Once you’ve shown them the space you’re thinking about remodeling, they will ask how you currently use that space, and how you might prefer to use that space. They will discuss your home’s style, space requirements, budget ideas, current color palettes as well as your thoughts on transitioning the area into something more beneficial for your family. From there the real magic starts.

Interiors by JW Showroom

There are many reasons you may want to work with a Interiors by JW designer:


A designer is able to help you avoid costly mistakes by working as a bridge between you and your carpentry team to overcome costly stumbling blocks throughout the project. They also look at the room differently, bringing to light things that the average person usually will not notice.


The Interiors by JW design team brings years of experience, education and training to every project they touch. They know what will work, and what won’t. When you have someone working on your behalf with that kind of knowledge, you can be confidant the project is being done just the way you envisioned it.


Our Interior Designers have access to hundreds of vendors and resources that will add the perfect look to your finished project. Without a designer, you will spend hours poring over idea books, catalogs and hardware choices. Why not let an experienced designer save you that time and energy?


Keeping track of the budget throughout the remodeling process can be a daunting task. From cabinets to flooring, window coverings to paint, our designers will provide you with the best products for your project, while staying within your budget.


Researching, designing, planning, choosing products, approving, ordering materials before the carpenter needs them, scheduling installations…there are a lot of moving parts involved with any remodeling project. Our designers will keep your project organized, ensuring your project is moving forward and on time.


Our designers are experts at all the little details. Is there enough overhead lighting? Are there outlets close enough to the end table? How many seats will need to fit at the kitchen island? What cabinet hardware compliments your style, while providing functionality? When planning your remodel, they will account for all the little details…because they know that’s what will make a big difference in the end.

At Interiros by JW, our Interior Design team has one goal in mind…to ensure that at the end of your remodeling process, when all the dust has settled, you love your new space.

Leah Kochaver

Leah Kochaver

Interior Designer
Lindsey Blum

Lindsey Blum

Interior Designer/Marketing Manager
Ashley McFarland

Ashley McFarland

Interior Designer

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