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Kitchen Envy

Let your true culinary arts show, and be the envy of all of your friends with the top looks in kitchen design. The images below are some top picks, and client favorites.
1. Farmhouse Kitchen Sink. This look is not going anywhere, anytime soon. Not only is it a favorite at Jennings and Woldt, they are said to be a favorite of designers on HGTV as well! We love the farmhouse sink because of the ease with everyday use, like soaking large pots and pans. Farmhouse sinks add a feeling of nostalgia to a kitchen and bring a sense of rustic character that can blend with a variety of kitchen styles.

2. Open Concept Kitchen. Traditionally, a kitchen is enclosed with three walls holding a sink, stove, and fridge. Somewhere in the mix, a kitchen island and maybe a table are present too, along with some cupboards to hold your kitchen’s belongings. With an open concept kitchen, that is not the case. It consists of countertops, cupboards, and plenty of room to move. You are able to cheer on your favorite football team as you put the finishing touches on your Sunday afternoon football food spread. Ready to design your own open concept kitchen? Our interior designers at Interiors by JW and our team and JW are ready to help you turn your design dreams into a reality.

3. A drawer for just for your dishes! Such a unique concept that is not often seen, but often thought of a “why didn’t I think of that” type need. Perfect height for the little ones to help clean and put away dishes!

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4. Drawer Organizer. Last but not least, the essential element to every kitchen perfectionist organization. Organize your utensils, corkscrew, and so much more. Custom kitchens can be more than your cabinets and countertops. Customize the inside of your cabinets with endless options that suit your home and lifestyle!

Like what you see, or have an idea of your own to be the envy of the neighborhood? Reach out to JW at (608) 837 6312 and watch your own beautiful design unfold.