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How To Rearrange A Room For The Holidays

How to Rearrange a Room for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Decorating for Christmas has to be one of the best family activities all year; if you know what you’re doing. However, if your plan is to jam a bunch of sparkly red and green items all in one small room then it may not be such a joyous occasion. To help you stay holly and jolly, here is some advice on where to put your biggest obstacle: your tree!


The first thing you need to evaluate is how big your tree can be. If you have small pieces of furniture you can move around, you could get away with a larger tree in a smaller room. On the other hand, if you have only large pieces of furniture, it may be harder to fit the grand tree you want into that space. Think about putting your tree in a different room or going with a smaller tree.

Christmas family room

Next, be ok with removing furniture from your room. If your heart is set on the tree at the front of the house so people can see it when they drive by, you will probably have to compromise and lose furniture while the tree is there. You can always move some furniture pieces to the next room so you still have that seating available if you have guests you need to accommodate during the holidays.


Lastly, decide where you would like the tree to be set. This will be the focal point of that room and should draw attention from whatever room it can be seen from. Most people want the tree to be in the room that they spend the most time in, but this may not always be best. From what we talked about earlier, consider where you have the most space and where it would be most practical for entertaining, opening presents, and not being in the way. Keep in mind to station the tree away from the fireplace and walk ways if you can avoid it.


Take these things into consideration when you put up your tree and use them as guidelines for other décor as well. Don’t think all your holiday decorations have to go in one room, spread the joy throughout your house so everything isn’t crammed into one festive space. Your whole home will be beautiful and your guests will love spending the holiday at your house.

Happy Holidays!