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Homeless Boxes Wrap Up

Homeless Boxes Wrap Up


AAs all of you probably know, we have been collecting items

to donate to the Sunshine Place via Homeless Boxes.

The office workers and the field crew teamed up Friday

afternoon to put together the boxes, filled with items

that have been donated over the last few

months; we had a lot of them!

BAfter everything was separated we had over 20 boxes to

donate! We had so many coloring books, rolls

of toilet paper, bottles of water, cans of food,

shampoo, and  other essentials that the boxes were

full to the top.



Do you know how many boxes can fit into a Prius?

Any guesses?

20 boxes!

Which is shockingly more than

some of us thought we

could fit into that little car.


Sunshine Place will now be giving these boxes to families in the community that are in need of food and

water. These boxes help the family get by for 3-4 days. We are so thankful that we could help

this great cause and that we had so many wonderful people bring in donations.

Keep up the generosity Sun Prairie!



And don’t forget there are other ways to help out! Visit for more opportunities.